Case Study: SMF-Digital transformation

SMF-Digital transformation



The client, a leading Dairy Cooperative in South Korea, seeks an automated solution to overcome inefficiencies in data extraction from their Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Sensfix offers the Sens-Facility suite, utilizing AI techniques like object detection and OCR to extract data from monitor screens. Their hardware-free installation and NLP-powered OCR camera app streamline data extraction and analysis processes.






The client, a Dairy Cooperative, a prominent market leader in South Korea, aims to enhance productivity through digital transformation and AI capabilities. They have implemented a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for monitoring and controlling manufacturing processes. However, the MES’s dashboard-like tools limit effective utilization of monitor screen data. The site’s complexity hampers hardware connections, leading engineers to manually extract data by manipulating screens and transcribing information. To overcome these inefficiencies, the client seeks an automated solution. They require a tool that connects to the internet, retrieves real-time data from monitor screens, and delivers it to engineers without manual intervention.






Sensfix has developed a comprehensive solution, the Sens-Facility suite, to address the challenges faced by our clients. This robust service management platform incorporates cutting-edge AI techniques to overcome manual data extraction inefficiencies. It utilizes advanced applications based on object detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and semantic understanding to accurately extract data. One standout feature of Sensfix’s solution is its hardware-free installation. Instead, engineers can simply capture pictures and convert them into one-page PDFs, reducing their workload. Sensfix has also developed an NLP-powered OCR camera app that captures values, attributes, and data from LCD screens. This app empowers engineers to handle asset maintenance and product management more effectively. Through the integration of computer vision and natural language processing, Sensfix has created an end-to-end automated system that streamlines data extraction and analysis processes.






The Sens-Facility suite developed by Sensfix offers the following top three benefits to the client:

  • Increased Efficiency: Hardware-free installation simplifies capturing and converting pictures into PDFs effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Maintenance and Asset Management: NLP-powered OCR camera app captures real-time insights from LCD screens, empowering engineers to make informed decisions for proactive maintenance, enhancing asset reliability.
  • Improved Productivity and Decision-Making: Timely data extraction enables informed decisions, optimized workflows, and improved operational efficiency for better business outcomes.