Sensfix pitches in Rockstart Smart Energy Program 2017

Elevating the energy sector with innovative solutions has always been at the heart of Sensfix’s vision. This year, we were ecstatic to step onto a platform that recognizes and celebrates such innovations: the Rockstart Smart Energy Program, 2017.


This distinguished program offers a golden ticket to startups like Sensfix, providing a stage to highlight our developments and directly pitch to an eager audience of stakeholders integral to the energy ecosystem.


At the event, the Sensfix team unveiled the projects we’ve been working hard to refine over the recent months. We showcased the solutions that we believe can truly revolutionize the energy market, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to driving change and spearheading advancements in the industry.


Our participation in the Rockstart Smart Energy Program 2017 was not just an opportunity to share our work, but also a testament to the relentless dedication and passion with which the sensfix team approaches the world of energy. We’re geared up and excited for the future, as we continue our journey to reshape and redefine energy solutions for a smarter world.

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