Sensfix is thrilled to be chosen to as a participant in the 5G Technology Accelerator

Sensfix is thrilled to announce we were chosen to be a part of 5G Technology Accelerator, a programme organized by Łódź Special Economic Zone.

The S5 programme, i.e. the 5G Technology Accelerator, implemented by the Łódź Special Economic Zone, is gaining momentum. Many innovative companies from the SME sector start their business adventure in Łódź. They are working on 5G innovations for large investors.

Sensfix was chosen due to its innovative AI-based operations software that improves the efficiency of factory operations and maintenance, and reduces potential equipment downtime. In the platform under development, we use machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms to predict failures. We then use predictive intelligence so that machines can identify the need and schedule their own service tasks. The organization of tasks is easily digitized on the Sensfix platform by the operations and maintenance managers. The solution uses 5G technology and sensor data – collected at very high frequencies – and develops more accurate artificial intelligence models to allow for better prediction of undesirable phenomena in factories.

The Łódź Special Economic Zone programme has opened up new development opportunities for big businesses as well as smaller companies that are innovating with 5G technology. Startups in the S5 project can count on ŁSEZ co-financing for the development of innovations, but most of all, they get access to a large amount of technical knowledge and the possibility of cooperation with mature businesses. Recipients of solutions developed by startups in the program are companies such as: Miele, Wielton, PGE and Indigo Nails. For industry there are new opportunities in the field of digital solutions using technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. For startups, it’s an opportunity to test solutions and connectivity in real production environments.

The Customer Technology Association hosted a panel in 2021 where Drew Blackard, Vice President of Mobile Product Management for Samsung Electronics America, and Denise Gibson, co-founder and chair of Ice Mobility, a global supply chain solutions provider, weighed in on the future of 5G as the technology continues to be deployed around the globe. The executives said 5G will fuel innovation because it will speed up compute and processing power at the network edge. Ultra-fast speed data transfer won‘t only be available to devices, but also at the edge of the network. 5G and edge computing will bring to life a variety of new use cases behind the scenes, especially in the IoT and connected devices space for businesses and in the home, Blackard said. The 4G network of today, he added, can‘t handle this need for computing at the edge.

The Łódź Special Economic Zone was established in 1997 and comprises the Łódź Province, a part of the Mazowieckie Province, and the eastern part of the Wielkopolskie Province. Two international airports are located within its borders (Warsaw and Łódź) and it has a well-developed cargo railroad network, including the Poland-China (Łódź-Chengdu) railroad connection, that provide the Łódź SEZ with enormous logistical potential. Thanks to its strategic location, access to well-educated staff and tax incentives, the Łódź SEZ has recently been ranked among the world’s top zones in a ranking prepared by the FDI Magazine (part of the Financial Times group).

ŁSEZ strengths and successes: for more than 4 years the Lodz Special Economic Zone has been building a nationwide innovation hub and creating a local ecosystem to support startups. Thanks to this, every existing and new investor of Lodz SEZ has direct access to modern technologies. Łódź SEZ grants support in the form of CIT or PIT tax exemption for individuals conducting business activities. Investing in the Łódź SEZ, an entrepreneur can benefit from income tax exemptions of up to 55% of the eligible investment costs. The advantage of the zone over other forms of public aid, for the investor, is the wide range of supported activities. Companies from the manufacturing industry, modern business services (BPO / SSC / IT) and those conducting R & D activities can benefit from the support in the zone, including support from the Automation and Robotics Secondary School – a prestigious and modern vocational education school. The creation of the Technical School led to the creation of the profession of the future – the automation and robotics technician. The Zone supports employees of micro, small and medium enterprises and self-employed people from Łódź Voivodeship.

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