Sensfix is invited by the Polish smart city consortium to showcase the solution

March 1, 2017

The smart city is a concept of an intelligent city that is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and at the same time cheaper to maintain. Thanks to new technologies, Polish metropolises have a chance to develop faster than cities in Western Europe. Specialists say that Poland is ideally suited to the implementation of the SmartCity project because the latest technologies will adapt to our country much faster than in developed countries.

In countries such as France or Germany, the latest technology advances are already available, so these markets are reluctant to look at this type of news. Meanwhile, Poland or Romania do not have the latest technologies and applications, so they are open to new products and willingly go to the next stages of development. That is why smart city technologies can be adopted faster in Poland than in Western Europe - explains in an interview with the Newseria Innovation agency.
Balaji Renukumar, CEO of Sensfix.

An intelligent lighting system could also be used in Polish cities. Today, a lot of energy is wasted on the streets, which could be prevented by a centralized system of sensors connecting within the Internet of Things, says Balaji Renukumar. According to the report prepared by the consulting company PwC 'World in 2050', by 2030 Poland's GDP will increase from 813 billion to 1415 billion dollars. The Economist magazine also recently wrote about Poland that it 'is in excellent shape and is growing rapidly.' As experts point out, the free market economy in Poland has already matured and our country is thus more open to innovative solutions.

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