Scale-up trade mission

31 March - 2 April 2020, Munich, Germany

We are excited to announce that Sensfix, Inc. is selected to participate in DutchBasecamp’s unique scale-up trade mission to Munich on the 31 March - 2 April 2020.
This trade mission focuses on introducing solutions to larger German SMEs and corporates by creating valuable business connections for participants within manufacturing and industry 4.0.
DutchBasecamp is a non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands. 'We believe startups bring the necessary change the world needs. Our mission is to help startups become internationally successful, so they maximise their positive impact. We are firm believers of the pay it forward culture. It is the basis for true relationships.
Through relationships and connections magic happens. We focus on impact over numbers and believe an open mind and a learning attitude are key to take on (international) adventures and cultures.
Preparation is the fundamental first step to become internationally successful. The market changes constantly, we listen and adapt to the demands of the teams we work with in order to create the most impact.'