Case Study: Facility Management

Maintenance self-ticketing of Building Assets



The client is a renowned facility located in the southern region of the San Francisco Bay area facing facility maintenance challenges due to a lack of integration among their legacy systems. Dissatisfied with their existing solution, they seek a comprehensive platform that integrates AI-driven complaint handling, technician allocation, and real-time monitoring. Sensfix offers a solution with its Sens-Facility suite, including the Sens-Citizen app for complaint reporting, Sens-AI for automated responses, and the Sens-Service app for technicians. A dashboard allows the Facility Manager to monitor the entire process and streamline communication, scheduling, and resolution of maintenance tasks.






The client is a renowned facility located in the southern region of the San Francisco Bay area, featuring multiple offices, ample car parking, and an array of convenient amenities. This client is facing various facility maintenance issues such as broken equipment, spills, leaks, and security concerns. Their existing legacy system has four distinct software applications to manage various tasks, such as Workspeed for ticketing, Rain Bird for outdoor garden management and few others. However, the lack of seamless integration among these systems, primarily due to their heterogeneity, resulted in a complex and challenging process to consolidate them into a unified solution. Clearly, the client was dissatisfied with their existing solution and sought a centralized platform to streamline communication, facilitate scheduling, and ensure seamless resolution of maintenance tasks, enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction.






To address the challenges faced by our clients, Sensfix offers a comprehensive solution. Sensfix implemented its flagship product ‘Sens-Facility suite’, a robust service management platform. It leverages dedicated applications, namely the Sens-Citizen app, Sens-AI and the Sens-Service app.

a) The Sens-Citizen app allows citizens to log in and submit complaints regarding various issues they encounter, such as broken air conditioners, printer jams, table spills, windows not closed, sink stains, or pipe leaks. Users can take photos of the problem and submit the complaint through the app.

b) Sens-AI is an artificial intelligence system integrated into the Sens-Citizen app. It analyzes and responds to the citizen’s complaints, providing automated feedback or suggestions based on the nature of the issue reported.

c) The Sens-Service app is designed for service technicians responsible for resolving the reported complaints. When a complaint is submitted, the app notifies the relevant technician. They can log in and join a chat with the issue submitter to discuss the issue further. The app also allows scheduling appointments and dispatching the appropriate technician for fixing the reported problem.

The customer was happy with sensfix’s implementation and awarded a SaaS agreement to roll-out the solution commercially in the facility.






Using sensfix solutions, the client achieved the following benefits:

  • Streamlined problem reporting processes enable efficient issue resolution, leading to prompt solutions.
  • Direct communication between citizens and service technicians is facilitated, enhancing overall communication effectiveness.
  • Real-time analysis of complaints using artificial intelligence aids in addressing common issues efficiently, thereby improving the overall quality of service.