Case Study: Oilfield Services

Digitization and Automation of Oilfield services

Our client is an Oilfield Services provider in the mid-western USA. , our customer, has a state-of-the-art facility in California, USA. For managing this facility with full automation and IoT-connect, our customer’s facility manager, had conducted market research of tools in the categories of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Field Service Management (FSM) or Service Lifecycle Management (SLM). The facility manager was yet to find a software tool that would solve his problems, give him the flexibility to use the tool in a way he wishes to use it and be not very expensive. He was convinced by sensfix’s focus on buildings and facilities management, accurate solution to facililty managers’ pain-points and affordable price-point.


Customer has ServiceNow which tracks IT tickets. Population in the building is not accessing service now directly. People send emails – a business analyst reads them and generates tickets on ServiceNow channeling them to facility, IT or office services. Tickets are managed on service now and closed after the fulfilment of service actions.

Customer had no automated system for Preventative Maintenance (PM) program and wanted to accommodate PM programs for assets. Customer wanted to gauge the effectiveness of automated email reading, ticket generation using AI in order to weigh-in on replacing ServiceNow as well as a ServiceNow trained Business Analyst who works with tickets on ServiceNow. Customer also wanted to keep track of inventory, spare-parts usage during service execution.


Sensfix implemented its flagship product sens-Facility suite at the customer location. Customer was able to – access the sensfix system, generate a ticket for a task that need to be done, let their staff do the task, subtract the inventory that is used, understand who is doing what, how long are they taking to do it and what did they work on?

As a part of onboarding the customer, Sensfix procured from the customer – List of assets and their coordinates in the building, spare-part inventory for assets with global stock numbers and local stock numbers, periodic and preventive maintenance schedules for running contracts, contact details of Internal staff that will be authorized to work on service tickets.

Sensfix also procured various spreadsheets containing data associated with assets like asset metadata (Manufacturer, date of purchase, Supplier, Lease, authorized service provider etc.), part metadata for all parts of the asset, metadata for tools and equipment used, metadata for Vehicles used, profiles of service personnel, safety/environmental standards and regulations if any.

As a first step, Sensfix initialized the ticketing system internally with all the data procured from the customer. Sensfix commissioned its –

a) mobile App (Android and iOS) for the population to enable them to view their personalized assets and create tickets for them, view the progress made on their tickets on an interactive channel in real-time, view their open and closed tickets as well as maintenance status logs for all jobs.

b) mobile App (Android and iOS) for Service Staff to enable them to view assigned PM schedules as well as tickets on a landing page, navigate through different steps of digitized service workflow and swipe the steps that they perform, leave notes for those steps where there are issues, sign off the workflow/job and indicate the inventory spare parts consumed.

c) WebApp (desktops, laptops and tablets) for Facility Managers to enable them to view the assets on map/list views, PM schedules/tickets on a floor map, visualize all running preventive maintenance and conditional maintenance (because of tickets raised internally), visualize all relevant data concerning anything to do with assets, parts, their service vendors, suppliers, tools/equipment, vehicles etc., actively chat and communicate with staff, visualize activity logs and job histories, visualize inventory status in real-time, approve finished jobs and pull out a report that shows what his service personnel worked on, how much time did they spend, how much inventory they used up, what tool/equipment they used to perform the service.

The customer was happy with sensfix’s implementation and awarded a SaaS agreement to roll-out the solution commercially in the facility.