Case study: 4-step Assembly of screws

4-step Assembly of screws



A multinational household appliances company faced the challenge of accurate and efficient assembly due to the repetitive nature of screw assembly. Sensfix provided a solution to alert employees immediately if a step is missed, allowing for immediate correction and improved productivity and quality. The solution is based on theSens-Facility suite, integrated with CCTV cameras to monitor assembly in real-time.






The client, a household appliances company, has the responsibility of assembling the products. They carry out the final assembly on the assembly line, where they also package the items. In the context of appliance assembly, the identified issue was caused by the repetitive nature of a specific task involving the 4-step assembly of screws. They were confronted with the challenge of ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the assembly process. The demanding and monotonous nature of the task led to employee fatigue, increasing the likelihood of errors and omissions. Such mistakes could result in incomplete or faulty assemblies, impacting the overall quality and effectiveness of the production process. The client was seeking a solution to improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity in their assembly processes. Specifically, they wanted to address the issue of employees forgetting to screw one of the four screws in place before moving on to the next task.






Sensfix offers a comprehensive solution to clients through their flagship product, the ‘Sens-Facility suite’. This powerful service management platform is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the assembly line in any industry. To address the issue of employees forgetting to tighten 4-step assembly of screws, Sensfix integrates CCTV cameras into the assembly facility. These cameras are strategically placed to monitor the work performed by the service personnel. It analyses the assembly process in real-time, comparing it to the required steps. The Sens-Facility suite identifies instances where a step is missed or overlooked. Upon detecting such occurrences, the system promptly alerts the service person, notifying them about the omission. This timely notification enables the employee to quickly return to the missed step, complete it, and then proceed to the next task. 







The implementation of Sensfix solutions brought a multitude of beneficial outcomes to the client, such as:

  • Leveraging real-time monitoring and alerts, Sensfix offers a proactive solution that ensures accuracy and reduces errors in the assembly process.
  • This solution boosts productivity and prevents incomplete assemblies, leading to improved overall quality and efficiency in the overall production.