The client, a global high-end household appliances manufacturer, relies heavily on toolboxes in their operations. Sensfix offers a comprehensive solution, the ‘Sens-Facility suite,’ integrating CCTV cameras to monitor toolbox movement.

Forklift safety

The client, faced a forklift safety challenge requiring immediate attention. They implemented tracking chips for employees and forklifts but faced limitations. Sensfix introduced CCTV cameras and the Sens-Facility suite.

In-bound scanning

A renowned automobile manufacturer’s warehouse in South Korea faces a challenge with their manual barcode scanning and data entry process, which takes 2.5 days per consignment. Sensfix offers an all-in-one solution.

OCR Handwritten forms

The client, operating in the Oil & Gas industry, currently relies on paper-based forms for various tasks. However, this approach is time-consuming, prone to errors, and restricts data accessibility. Sensfix offers a solution which addresses these challenges.

In-order boxes

The client is a multinational industrial company with a global distribution network and strategically located warehouses. They face challenges with inventory inaccuracies, leading to inefficiencies in stock management and supply chain operations.

4-step Assembly of screws

A multinational household appliances company faced the challenge of accurate and efficient assembly due to the repetitive nature of screw assembly. Sensfix provided a solution to alert employees immediately if a step is missed.


Sensfix collaborated with a client from the Ferrovial Group, specializing in wastewater treatment plants, to implement their Sens-Facility suite. This solution incorporated AI, sensors, and OCR technology to automate various procedures at an industrial wastewater treatment plant.

SMF-Digital transformation

The client, a leading Dairy Cooperative in South Korea, seeks an automated solution to overcome inefficiencies in data extraction from their Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Sensfix offers the Sens-Facility suite, utilizing AI techniques like object detection and OCR to extract data from monitor screens.

Implementation of Maintenance self-ticketing of Building Assets for a global automaker's facility in San Francisco Bay Area

Facility managers are quickly adopting digital solutions to enable remote work for their teams and monitor the task progress in real-time. By adopting digitization and automation in facility management they stay ahead of competition.

5G-connected factory on sensfix to realize connected immersive operations & maintenance of machinery and equipment

Industries that are rolling-out 5G are investing heavily on mass overhaul of technologies to eliminate paper, unwanted wired and wireless infrastructure to efficiently adopt digital twins and mixed reality solutions.

Digitization and automation of oilfield services for a small and medium business in the mid-western USA

Small and medium oilfield service businesses are moving away from Paper and call based operations in order to eliminate revenue losses arising out of inefficiencies. Service digitization and automation is a must for them.