Basicpoint, Sensfix and New Industrial Order form Consortium for Smart SME Factory of the Future

We are working on a new digital transformation project in the industrial sector with our partners and New Industrial Order- N.I.O. The EU-funded “Better Factory” idea will involve Basicpoint, a Romanian firm that manufactures office and home furniture, New Industrial Order, a Dutch laboratory for demand-driven design, and Sensfix, a technology provider. Sensfix will modify its platform to speed the digitization of Basicpoint industrial equipment, drawing on its knowledge and best practices gained from working with major business customers.

One of the advantages of production optimization will be real-time data availability, improved control procedures that lead to enhanced profitability, and Demand-Driven Manufacturing employing AR/VR. The key benefit for the end-user (Basicpoint customers) will be the possibility to customise their furnishings by logging into the customer site. More information about this amazing initiative will be released soon.

The goal is to first develop a digital twin of the factory, then connect it to sensors, equipment, and people in the factory to automate processes in factory operation and maintenance. The “Smart SME Factory” concept will be implemented in phases, beginning with a Proof-of-Concept. The concept’s goal was to improve Basicpoint’s logistics, manufacturing, and resource management. The initiative intends to achieve this through logistical automation and automated production.

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